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What is Translation Management System (TMS)?

It helps to organize the localization workflow, track the progress of translation projects and reduce manual tasks via automation.

Translation management systems usually include three main components:

  • CAT tool (Computer Assisted Translation)
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Project management & administration

Why the translation management system is becoming a must in the translation and localization industry?

  • Cost reduction:

 Evidently, machines are always the best option when it comes to expenses as humans are hired with continuous salaries and a lot of companying financial burdens. As a result, business owners tend to the use of machines in translation which results in reducing the number of human translators and save money.

  • Well utilized administrative:

An efficient and professional company is marked with how utilized and organized the human resources stuff is. One of the main options of achieving this policy is depending on using a translation system which will help you in saving the effort of your employees and the invested money.

  • Achieving the best quality:

It should be noted that the accuracy of translation is a must. All the clients are seeking the best quality out of work and this is a real burden on the translators. There are some fields of translation in which errors are never accepted, thus a translation management system is one of the best options of making it easier to detect and correct errors, saving you from liabilities.

In conclusion, no one could ever deny how technology is making our life better. The translation management system is one of the technological inventions that is signaling a turning point in the translation and localization industry.


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