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Languages That We Cover

Europe Localize supports 180+ languages with more than 10000 language pairs, covering over 95% of the languages used by internet users around the world.

Our Supported Languages

The process of transforming the written word from one language into another in a culturally and linguistically acceptable manner so that it may be understood by its target audience is known as language translation. And translation is not a job that anyone with enough knowledge about a language pair can do. It is a whole craft that needs deeper and wider study and training day after day to be sharpened and mastered. A bilingual person is able to communicate in at least two languages. Being bilingual, on the other hand, does not automatically qualify someone to provide language translation services professionally. To be effective at their work, translators require extra talents, such as agility and ability to relate languages to cultures. Being a professional translator also means that the said person has been evaluated by language competence tests and industry-specific tests.

Providing linguistic solutions to satisfy your audience’s needs is almost a must now. On the other side, many healthcare and government entities are obligated by law to provide certified translation services. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the proper translation solution when there are thousands to pick from?


Start with examining how a potential language translations provider recruits and trains translators and interpreters. It’s also a good idea to inquire about their quality assurance and data security protocols, as well as their technological capabilities and how they handle assistance queries. You also have to check the language pairs and sets of languages that your language translation services provider offers to be able to judge whether it suits your needs and the region you are implementing your business or whatever the case might be.

We, Europe Localize, are here to provide you language translation services of various industries in various language pairs from regions like Europe, Middle East, South America, etc. We further guarantee offering certified translation services in no time with highest quality standards. Take a slow ride through over 150 languages we provide translation services for below.

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