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The gaming sales are going way up and it's going to get a whole lot more fascinating! Europe Localize offers complete world-class quality mobile and video game translation & localization services that match your project’s requirements and break records but never break the bank.

Premium Games Translation For World Domination

The worldwide gaming market is enormous and the industry’s sales are increasing at breakneck speed. The gaming community is gaining new members every year, making a huge leap in the rates of game purchasing.

In 2019, the gaming market made $283 million in the UAE alone, while there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. Imagine the revenue of the gaming market worldwide with that number of gaming aficionados, scattered in each and every spot around the globe!

Most gamers want to play games in their own tongue, which makes game translations your winning card to increase the chance of your game reaching a wider base of consumers and enjoyers. If you are a game-producing company, now is the time to consider video game localization to cross the border of your game’s native origin.

Video game companies have long struggled to receive consistent, high-quality game translation services from world-known game localization companies but Europe Localize is here to make your job easier!

Europe Localize, Your Winning Horse!

Typically, the text strings of your game are provided to your game translation agency of choice in the form of a Word document or an Excel table. If the strings lack context or reference information or if the game translation agency isn’t good enough, it could result in mistranslations and inaccurate linguistic results that are time-consuming to correct. 

Moreover, game translations that are poorly conducted have a direct impact on the international customer experience. This is why Europe Localize is your winning horse. Our ground-breaking in-context video game localization services solve the age-old problem of mistranslation by enabling our professional translators to view the actual game screen in real-time, ensuring the best linguistic result right away.

We exclusively assign game translation projects to translators who are native experts and passionate gamers. Before starting the video game localization process, it is critical that they play your game to acquire a feel for it. They have the required experience to be aware of the source culture to produce accurate game translations for games that involve humor, slang, and idioms, and reflect them effortlessly in the localized versions of the game.

The Complete Spectrum of Video Game Localization

Europe Localize provides comprehensive video game localization services to ensure all aspects of your games feel familiar to your target audience. As a renowned game localization company, Europe Localize’s main priority with game translations is to ensure that every single gamer gets the full magical experience of your game. 

From localizing the text in interfaces, subtitles of the dialogues, audio, and in-game graphics or visual elements to running a testing phase of the video game localization services we provided to make sure everything is going smoothly, Europe Localize also localizes packaging like labels and owner’s manuals, game websites, prints, and digital advertising elements as part of the full experience of our game translation services.

After all, Europe Localize is not just any game translation agency. With years long experience in the field, we take care of every detail and pay attention to every necessary step to get your game to the global market:

  • Localization of In-Game Assets
  • Localization Testing
  • Localization of Marketing Assets

More Services From Europe Localize

Europe Localize supports the gaming industry with more than just gaming translation. We offer a full range of multilingual services to localize every element of your game and maximize its appeal to global gamers. From voiceover and subtitling to software localization, Europe Localize is exactly the gaming localization company you need!

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Game Translation In 180+ Languages

If you’re a game producer looking to make your games accessible in different places of the world then our game localization company is the answer! Europe Localize covers over 180 languages with guaranteed accuracy and customized gaming experience for gamers of different nationalities.

We provide precise gaming translations in all the following languages and even more:

The Video Game Localization Process

Europe Localize, as a game translation agency, manages your localization projects skillfully and efficiently, providing a smooth process and implementation. We have a systemized approach that is geared to match our standards. This process is finely tuned after long years of experience.

You send us your project files then meet with our project manager to discuss your instructions and style guide.

We check your source files and identify the content that we are going to provide video game localization services of.

We provide you a free quotation for your approval. Once we get the approval, the start line is crossed.

We start our translation services for your game files accurately and creatively taking into consideration the target audience and cultural values.

We run a QA phase where our expert video game localization services providers review and proofread the content to ensure that they are linguistically, culturally, and contextually accurate.

Our localization engineers (LE) perform localization testing to make sure that your game is technically precise and functions the way it should.

We send you the files for your review and comments then implement any preferential changes from your side.

We deliver the final product in time and with the highest quality. We make sure you get the best client experience to collaborate with you again in the future.

Europe Localize Has Exactly What You Need

We, Europe Localize, as a game localization company fully combine our expertise while utilizing the most cutting-edge technology. We automate and improve our operations using industry-leading translation and localization tools, assuring quality and consistency while turning down costs. The formula that lasts and continuously evolves is achieved at Europe Localize’s labs. We make it happen! Europe Localize is your way to go if you want your game to reach beyond the borderlines. We can provide award-winning video game localization services and game translation services accurately and in no time. Hit the phone now to connect with us and start your next video game localization project!

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