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Voice Over Translation

Europe Localize helps you leave a mark on audiences all over the world with the right voice for every occasion, providing high-quality voice-over services from a large pool of voice-acting professionals to guarantee maximum impact with the perfect voice and style. Find the perfect voice for your brand and start globalizing now!

Speak Your Thoughts With Professional Voice-Over Services

Isn’t it mind-blowing how critical voice-over services have become for the success of any business? From TV advertising to movie production and video game development, voice acting has become a vital part of any production and audio translation guarantees its international success. 

A well-crafted and professionally recorded voice-over can help you shape your brand image, communicate your message, and build long-term customer loyalty because ears are the best controller of the brain, and to grab the attention of international ears, audio translations are a must.

Europe Localize is your go-to translation agency for quality multilingual voice-over services provided by some of the best voice-acting professionals in the field, attracting audiences from different nationalities to your brand with a unique style and tone. By giving your localized product or service a native-like voice, voice-over services and audio translations can be the quickest way to expand into new markets.

Ears Before Eyes

Audio is an important component of multimedia production. A visual piece feels incomplete and soulless without any kind of audible waves that flirts with the ears and that speaks of the importance of the audio translation of your content. 

Europe Localize understands the vital role voice acting and audio translation play in your plan of globalizing your brand and we understand that you will frequently require original content for use on its own or to supplement your visual content. 

With Europe Localize, you will have access to a large pool of voice-acting professionals who provide dubbing and voice-over services in a high quality that speaks to the locals. Having the right sound and voice is essential for engaging with your target audience and our voice acting professionals achieve this perfect sound, capable of offering both a professional studio recording and an amateur voice if that is what your audience requires.

Why Choose Europe Localize?

Our team of voice-over artists, language experts, sound engineers, and project managers will go to great lengths and beyond to deliver high-quality voice-over services that will capture your audience’s attention and make your brand stand out.

Our extensive network of native-speaker voice-over talents collaborates with our in-house technical supervisors to provide you with the highest quality dubbing production, including documentary-style lip synchronization, narration, and dubbing. 

We are aware of your financial budget and we will tailor you a custom-fit voice-over service that meets your need and don’t break the bank. We also ensure that the product supports all location-based requirements and media file types by perfectly matching timing and ensuring premier sound quality.

All Pros, No Cons.

Working with Europe Localize on your voiceover and dubbing projects will gain you access to a comprehensive production team comprised of professional directors, engineers, graphic designers, post-production technicians, voiceover and dubbing professionals, and certified language professionals who will assist you throughout the entire production cycle. 

We are sure that your project will have the maximum expertise and support of a team of creative dubbing professionals. They will help you through the entire production process and can provide all multimedia localization services.

Whatever your voiceover services requirements are, we will assist you in locating the best voice talents for your project. Our top-notch cast of voice actors includes both male and female actors who can expertly portray a variety of age groups. You can select the one which best demonstrates your desired vocal quality and tone of voice, or you can sit back and let us do it for you.

On top of audio translation, Europe Localize can offer certified document translation services that adhere to the highest industry standards to support your business fully. A call separates you from one of our consultants and provides you with additional information about our terminology management and comprehensive translation services.

Other Services We Offer

Because of our extensive experience in the multimedia localization industry, we can provide world-class voice-over services in addition to other language services for your script, audio, or video, such as translation services, transcription services, and subtitling services. Europe Localize offers to support your expansion plan with more than just voice acting. Take a look at some of our multilingual services and choose the solutions that fit your business:

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International Customers
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Industries Our Voice-Over Services Bolster

The voice of your brand is the most vital part of your image because it sets the tone of how you address your customers from the get-go and provides a kind of rapport between your business and them. With long long years of experience in multimedia localization, our voice-acting team has provided premium voiceover services to launch the biggest of marketing campaigns, ensuring international influence on customers worldwide.

Educational content has the power to be both informational and enjoyable at the same time provided it is showcased in a professional manner. Europe Localize offers voice-over services from experienced voice-acting professionals who make learning fun with a unique tone of voice that engages multilingual learners from all over the world. We also provide audio translations for your monolingual educational content to teach people of different nationalities effortlessly.

The financial sector requires accuracy in audio translation because it has specific terminology and a sensitive nature that doesn’t leave room for mistakes. As technical translation services providers, as well as terminologists, Europe Localize provides multilingual voice-over services that uphold the highest level of quality and secrecy for the financial sector.

Voice-over services are important to you whether you are a pharmaceutical professional, scientist, or any health and life science professional in between. Europe Localize provides support with audio translation and professional voice-over services for your informative audio content with your preferred tone of voice and an accurate enunciation of medical terms in different languages.

We collaborate with a global network of professional voice acting professionals who can provide native voiceover services in a wide range of languages and dialects to ensure your game hits home for native gamers. Our sound engineers use cutting-edge recording studios and editing software to ensure you get high-quality voice acting that sounds great on all game consoles.

Multilingual Voice Acting

Europe Localize is an international translation agency that provides multilingual voice-over services with outstanding quality. Whether you are a Latin American business owner looking to spread your brand to the world with Spanish-to-English voice translators or you want to reach the Middle East with English-to-Arabic voice acting professionals, Europe Localize offers you a wide variety of choices with voice-over services in over 180 languages worldwide. Here’s a look at some of our most requested languages when it comes to voice-over services:

Why you should choose Europe Localize voice over services?

We collaborate with a global network of professional voice acting professionals who can provide native voiceover services in wide range of languages and dialects.

With long long years of experience in multimedia localization, our team has produced hundreds of voiceover services and recordings in nearly every industry.

Our sound engineers use cutting-edge recording studios and editing software to ensure you get high-quality voiceover services that sound great on all systems.

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