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Machine Translation Post Editing

The world is going digital and so should you! Machine translation and machine translation post-editing services can save you time and money and pave the way to a swift and fail-proof globalization process. At Europe Localize, we are expertly capable of providing machine translation services seamlessly and conveniently.

Money-Saving Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Machine translation post-editing or MTPE is the process of reviewing and running a quick check-over ready machine-translated content by professional linguists and editors then editing it to ensure it meets the client’s requirements. 

Such professional editors, or machine translation post-editing services providers, go through extensive training in order to correct grammatical and syntactical errors while also improving SEO. In addition to that, the post-editors correct and standardize the results of machine translation services, as well as adapt it to the relevant specialized terminology.

Although machine translation services provide a high-efficiency and fast substitute for traditional human translation by automatically translating millions of words per hour, the most advanced neural machine translation systems can never match human translation in terms of appropriateness and clarity of the translated text as well as accuracy and precision.

Why Should You Find The Perfect Machine Translation Company?

Finding a capable machine translation company that provides time and money-saving machine translation services and machine translation post-editing services on top of it could pose a challenge but it doesn’t have to with Europe Localize.

Europe Localize doesn’t only provide machine translation services that are guaranteed to save you time and money for time-sensitive translations but we also offer machine translation post-editing services with linguistic reviews done by in-house and in-country subject matter experts. Our staff is the key to ensuring the best quality and consistency of the final product and guaranteeing delivery to the client in the most efficient way possible.

As a top translation agency that excels in various fields, Europe Localize is focused on providing machine translation post-editing services with rates that are affordable, long-lasting, and can offer the highest quality because we understand that these are client priorities and what is expected of professional machine translation companies.

Types of Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

You should firstly know that there are two types of machine translation post-editing services, and they usually refer to the expected level of quality in any project. Given that most machine translation services providers have adopted advanced neural machine translation engines, the intensity of the following post-editing process and method is determined by the translation project requirements, the following two types of machine translation post-editing have no third:

Because machine translation capabilities are constantly improving, light post-editing addresses the bare minimum of post-editing requirements. In this type of machine translation post-editing, editors fine-tune the tiny structural and cultural preferences, the machine’s output for semantic or spelling errors, and any confusion or incorrect information. Light machine translation post-editing is less expensive as it’s the least in machine translation post-editing rates and more appropriate for tasks with less severe quality concerns.

This type addresses the implementation of stylistic and structural changes as well as the production of a quality comparable to human translation. Although full post-editing is more expensive and time-consuming, it covers everything from grammatical and spelling corrections to writing style and linguistic expressions and leaves no room for errors. Quality seekers and perfectionists typically prefer this type of machine translation post-editing service.

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Europe Localize Other Language Services

As a top translation agency with high-profile clients worldwide, Europe Localize’s main priority is to be with you on the go as well as across multifaceted large projects with more than just machine translation and machine translation post-editing services. We provide support with multilingual business solutions through different types of media and here’s a glimpse at some of them:

Language-Inclusive Machine Translation Services

Machine translation companies are distinguished by how well their teams handle the difference in languages. From different dialects to different typography and writing styles, regular machine translation services won’t do the job perfectly so you’re going to need multilingual machine translation post-editing services from a translation agency you can trust. 

Europe Localize provides machine translation and machine translation post-editing services with equal consistency across over 180 languages and here is a small hint of them:

The Advantages of Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Machine translation post-editing services have a lot of benefits in the trunk. They are a total savior! Getting them saves time because they are about 30% faster than time-consuming human translations. The time it takes a human to produce perfectly correct and proofread translated content is ten times the time it takes a machine to provide almost the same results. Another reason to hire a translation agency for machine translation post-editing services is that it saves the bank. Naturally, translation costs are reduced due to the lower rates of machine translation post-editing services because of how little time and manpower it takes to produce high-quality results. High quality is ultimately achieved because the content is edited by human translators and experts who pay attention to the smallest details.

Moreover, machine translation post-editing services can accelerate time-to-market because multilingual information products can be distributed much more quickly and vastly. The advantage of quantity is that large volumes can be translated into many other foreign languages in a short period of time with the highest quality possible. Switching pages, terminology management, and translation memories (TM) are very useful in machine translation post-editing, just as they are in normal translation because they are used to optimize the efficiency and consistency of large-volume MTPE projects while maintaining the identity and tone-of-voice of your company. Now is the time to get us on the line and ask one of our consultants to provide further information you might need before starting your next machine translation post-editing project with Europe Localize!

Industries Machine Translation Services Help

Europe Localize provides both machine translation services and machine translation post-editing services to support various industries. The business world is in constant motion and it needs quick globalization solutions to keep up with the pace and machine translation services are the star of the show! Here is a look at some of the industries we support with our multilingual machine translation services:

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